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Privacy Policy


1.1 All information provided by Infocredit under these Terms and Conditions shall be treated in confidence by the Customer and shall not otherwise than pursuant to a Regulation, a statutory duty or court order be communicated, copied or otherwise divulged to any other person or party whatsoever. In addition, Infocredit will consider the Customer’s Personal Data confidential and will ensure that data are processed only for the purpose(s) specified to this Agreement and only by authorized persons.

1.2 The Customer undertakes to use any report or item of information supplied by Infocredit only to assist in making a business decision and not as the sole basis for any such decisions.

1.3 All information is meant for the Customer to use for its own business purposes within the context of the Regulation. Any abuse of the system, suspected or detected, will mean termination of this contract. The customer shall not use the Application to offer due diligence, compliance or related services to third parties, including but not limited to timesharing, facilities management, outsourcing or service bureau uses.

1.4 Whereby the Customer is the Controller, and Infocredit is the Processor, at the choice of the Customer, Infocredit shall delete or return all the personal data that the Customer has provided to Infocredit relating to the specific processing, unless Union or Member State law requires storage of the personal data. Whereby Infocredit is the Controller, Infocredit will keep the data in its database, as retrieved from various official and publicly available sources. For further details on how Infocredit handles personal data please review our privacy notice which is regularly updated.

1.5 The AML Suite does not store any data entered by the Customer. User is solely responsible for the information submitted. Please also review the Terms and Conditions published on the website .

1.6 The RBA Tool has no audit trail therefore it is suggested that the user downloads and saves in their records all results in PDF format in order to have record of the search submitted. AML Risk is calculated on the specific information the user enters in the RBA Tool. Infocredit has no access and cannot verify the validity of any of this information.

1.7 The Customer is responsible for informing its employees that will be using the system regarding the relevant clauses for the use of information and confidentiality.

1.8 The Customer hereby undertakes to immediately notify Infocredit Group of any change of address of its operation.


It is important to note that the RBA tool does not save any data, however for the knowledge of the Customer we would like to inform them of the following:

2.1 The processing of Personal Data by the Parties will be carried out in accordance with the Regulation and with any other applicable EU or national legislation relating to data protection and privacy. The Parties will maintain all necessary notifications and/or registrations under the Regulation and any applicable EU or national legislation relating to data protection and privacy.

2.2 Pursuant to this Agreement executed by and between the Customer and Infocredit, in case the Customer is the Controller and instructs Infocredit to perform a processing on personal data; when such processing is based on the written consent of a natural person, the Customer should maintain this consent and be able to demonstrate this consent, pursuant to the Provisions of the Regulation and the Customer shall make this consent, on request, available to Infocredit.

2.3 Infocredit shall process personal data received by the Customer only for the purposes of the services provided under this Agreement.

2.4 Infocredit shall not subcontract any of its processing operations performed under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the Customer.

2.5 Infocredit shall adopt the technical and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the security of Personal Data received by the Customer and shall prevent its alteration, loss, unauthorized use or access, in accordance with the Regulation and any applicable EU or national legislation relating to data protection and privacy.

2.6 For personal data received by the Customer, both Customer and Infocredit shall facilitate requests from data subjects to exercise their rights of access, rectification and restriction of access.

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