AML Suite | Your Gateway to Compliance

AML Suite: Your
Gateway to Compliance

Step by step assistance on all your AML/CTF procedures with the click of a button on the most comprehensive Compliance platform.

Comply with all AML Laws and regulations, protect your company’s reputation and safeguard your financial well being

Whether you need to apply a Risk Based Approach, request a Client Verification, KYC report, an Enhanced Due Diligence Report or a more complex investigation, you are in the right gateway.

Our AML Suite has accumulated together, on a single platform, powerful tools needed by organisations and institutions for their client AML/KYC procedures in order to stay compliant with international standards on anti-money laundering and to combat terrorist financing and mitigate risks. Our solutions can be integrated or implemented separately , offering maximum flexibility and security based on your needs.

Streamline and Advance your Client Onboarding,
AML Screening & Monitoring Procedures


Process Automation and improve operational efficiencies

Effective and accurate procedures allowing for reduced workload and better data quality analysis

Massively reduce false positives

Using unique tools and methodology, reduce false positives findings and improve workflows

Compliance with Requirements

Comply with International AML standards and Directives

Anti-Money Laundering Experts

Designed by Anti Money Laundering Experts

Global Coverage

Wide network of partners all around the world keeping up with the latest regulatory requirements

Client Screening

The fastest and more accurate way to Know Your Customer

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AML Suite Main Features


Single Platform-All-inclusive Suite

No need for endless searches, different software and providers. AML Suite has it all.

Take action now and gain access to a centralised all-inclusive suite of tools that can assist your business to meet all its Anti-Money Laundering obligations.

AML Suite assists organisations to become more productive during all stages of their business relationship with their clients as it includes tools that automate:

  • Initial KYC screening
  • Client onboarding
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Due Diligence
  • Risk Based Approach

Fully Customized

Our set of tools are tailored based on your business and operational needs and cater for organisations of all sizes.

They can be used in combination or separately, depending upon your specific regulatory requirements.

Carry out a risk assessment making use of:

  • The Risk Based Approach Tool
  • The most accurate KYC/AML Data
  • Enhanced Due Diligence Reports
  • ID Documents Validation

Global Coverage

Global AML landscape changes fast – With a wide network of partners all over the world, AML Suite follows closely all regulatory changes and updates

Compliance with regulatory requirements

All the tools have been designed and are being monitored by AML experts and fully adhere to International AML standards as well as local Directives.

A Risk Based Approach Designed for Your Compliance Needs

Our RBA tool was created to assess the entity in question (individual/company) in a comprehensive manner by evaluating numerous AML/CTF parameters. It takes into consideration not only basic risk criteria but also customer’s behaviour as well as the Compliance Officer’s feedback.

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